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Resources for the Independent artist

Upload your tracks to get them distributed to all major streaming platforms and music stores for free. You keep 100% of your rights and royalties.


Droptrack is a software tool that helps record labels, independent artists, and producers organize and promote their music.


AirPlay Direct is a digital delivery system developed for artists, radio programmers & music industry professionals. Send secure broadcast-quality music & digital press kits to radio stations, booking agents, promoters and music supervisors worldwide.

MARKETING & Promotion

Organic Music Marketing® is a marketing and promotion agency. Their goal is to strictly offer marketing services to artists that deliver results and lead to a return on investment. Their services range from playlist campaigns, influencer marketing, social media advertising, and music video promotion.

Music Sales Measurement

In addition to monitoring radio airplays, online streaming and music consumer behavior, Nielsen is the authority in tracking what music people are buying both in-store and digitally. Nielsen compiles data from more than 39,000 retail outlets globally, to help record labels, publishers, artists, artist management and performance rights organizations understand what albums, singles and music videos people are buying, and where they’re buying them.

Track where your music is playing!

Track where your music is playing on radio stations worldwide.

Get heard by music industry executives. Feedback Guaranteed!

Available opportunities

Over 2000 Available Opportunities Across All Styles & Genres. Automatic Song to Opportunity Matching. Selection Prediction. Detailed Analytics Showing Your Music’s Progress & Traction.

License your music to Major Films, TV, Games, Advertisements!


Awesome record pool and DJ network

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